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Road Freight

as a broker in road transportation, MenaraShip Co. provide you the reliable road transport service you are looking for and brings you the best solution, to your logistical requirements.

Through an extensive worldwide network of carriers we arrange the transportation logistics for your goods by road with cost effective shipping and fastest transit time between Morocco and West/East European countries.

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Sea Freight

There has been a concentrated growth in ship broking over the past decade and while business will naturally wane as the economic cycle drops, long term prospects are for world trade to continue climbing. And as more ships trade, there will be increasing demand for the chartering and sales of those ships.

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MenaraShip Co., is operating a comprehensive air service, handling professionally, securely and on-time any kind of freight prepaid and collect basis.

We can also deal with shipment from personal and household effects to machinery and industrial equipment and provide a comprehensive service, to and from all major world markets.

With its excellent relationship with both all key global carriers and customs authorities backed by a very large dedicated global network agents. MenaraShip Co. can offer:

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