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Air freight

MenaraShip Co.,freight agent based in casablanca morocco .Is operating a comprehensive air service, handling professionally, securely and on-time any kind of freight prepaid and collect basis.

We can deal with shipment from personal and household effects to machinery and industrial equipment and provide a comprehensive service to and from all major world markets.

With its excellent relationship with both all key global carriers and customs authorities backed by a very large dedicated global network agents. MenaraShip Co. can offer:

– Competitive rates;

– Airport-to-Door Service;

– Door-to-Airport Service

– Airport-to-Airport service;

– Class Cargo Handling;

– Customs Clearance smoothly done by well experienced team;

– Door to Door Delivery, including Customs Clearance at the final destination;

– Ground services for pickup and delivery.

We use major commercial airlines, all-cargo carriers, and charters deserving from and to Morocco.

Our dedicated team is committed to servicing the specific needs of our customers. A regular feedback with notify to shipper, consignee and agent from the beginning of operations upon arrival at destination.

You can rely on us. Feel free to get in touch for details on any airfreight service

freight agent based in casablanca morocco.